Briggs True

I love putting the ghost pepper sauce on everything. I love it so much that I frequently annoy my wife by bringing it to restaurants that don't serve it.


The Best Award Winning Sauces & Seasonings! Great on everything and super low on sodium!


Briggs True is the real deal! The salsas are amazing! And the spices make everything better. When I first ordered online, my wife was a little skeptical. She said, "you ordered what?" But then when she tried them, she completely turned around. Now she loves it. Definitely give it a try. You'll get hooked!


Been using this product since just after it was just a twinkle in Michaels eye. The products are ones that we cannot do without. And we're so happy that we can now pick them up at HEB and online. Congratulations to Briggs True. What marvelous products.


I like experimenting with different condiments, so I thought I would give some of the Briggs TRUE products a try. First up, the Candied Jalapeños, (had them on crackers) DELICIOUS! they were and instant hit at a party. The Bacon Bourbon BBQ Sauce...Mr. Briggs, you had me at Bacon and in love at Bourbon. Finally, I tried the Strawberry Habañero Jam on some toast, WTF? This is some sweet and spicy voodoo magic in a jar. Who ever is coming up with these combinations over at Briggs is some kind of condiment whisperer. Kudos Briggs TRUE, Kudos!


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