The Beginner’s BBQ Guide

If you can smoke a rack of ribs, you can cook a whole hog, maybe even with an electric smoker, learn more here! Barbecuing for Beginners

Gas BBQ Guide

How to fuel

Barbecue is something you have to have to be patient with and have fun with. It’s going to take a while. You’re a beginner so you’ll need to set aside the day.

How to fuel

To prepare a gas BBQ, you’ll need to locate the gas supply hose and regulator. Gas BBQs tend to be fuelled from portable propane tanks, so thread the regulator from your BBQ onto the tanks valve (make sure this is aligned properly and that you don’t over tighten it), then open the valve all the way.

How to light

  1. Find the igniter button on your BBQ and hold it down, turning the burner control knob closest to it slowly as you do.
  2. Look through the grates – you should see a row of small blue flames, which signifies that the burner tube has ignited.
  3. Once this is lit, let go of the igniter button immediately.
  4. Repeat this process for the rest of the burners until they are all lit.
  5. If your igniter isn’t working or your grill doesn’t have one, you can use long matches or a lighter wand to fire up your BBQ.
  6. Once it’s lit, close the lid and wait until the temperature reaches 200°C to preheat the grill, then reduce the burners to the medium setting.
  7. Your burners might not light initially, but just release the igniter button, reset the control knob and wait a couple of minutes to try again.

This is a generic guide, always check the instructions that come with your BBQ before you get started.

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