Best Prime Rib

Top chefs say that 18 hours in a 120-degree oven is the route to prime rib perfection. So what’s a home cook to do?  Follow this recipe and you’ll get the Restaurant results you’re looking for.

Look for a roast with an untrimmed fat cap (ideally ½ inch thick). We prefer the flavor and texture of prime-grade beef, but choice grade will work as well. To remove the bones from the roast, use a sharp knife and run it down the length of the bones, following the contours as closely as possible until the meat is separated. Monitoring the roast with a meat-probe thermometer is best. If you use an instant-read thermometer, open the oven door as little as possible and remove the roast from the oven while taking its temperature. If the roast has not reached the correct temperature in the time range specified in step 3, heat the oven to 200 degrees, wait for 5 minutes, then shut it off, and continue to cook the roast until it reaches the desired temperature.

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  • 1 (7 pound) first-cut beef standing rib roast (3 bones), meat removed from bones, bones reserved
  • Briggs TRUE Texas Seasoning and Rub
  • 2 teaspoons vegetable oil


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