How to Grill the Best Steak of Your Life in 6 Easy Steps

best grilled steak ever

No one wants to mess up steak on the grill. Cook the best steak of your life by simply changing the way you think about searing a steak, we have six steps that will guarantee a perfectly grilled steak every time.

6 Steps to Perfectly Grilled Steak

1. Start with a Clean and Oiled Grill: A clean grill makes all the difference when cooking great steak. All you need to do is heat your grill, give it a good scrub with a heavy duty grill brush, and lightly brush it with vegetable oil. This essentially creates a nonstick cooking surface.

2. High Heat Cooking: Crank that heat up! You want the grill to be at least 450°F, or hot enough that you can hold your hand over the grill for just one second count. High heat ensures a good sear and a crispy crust on these steaks.

3. Season the Steak: Steaks don’t need much to make them great. Just before grilling, brush them lightly on both sides with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper or Briggs True Texas Seasoning & Rub.

4. Turn Steak Once: Steaks are so quick-cooking that you really only need to turn them once. Flipping too frequently might also prevent the steaks from forming their tasty, well-seared crust (though there’s some controversy about this). They’re ready to be flipped when they release easily from the grill, just like with searing meat on the stove top.

5. Cook Until It’s Done: Exact cooking time depends on the thickness of the steak and your personal preference. This is why a meat thermometer is handy to have. It’s accurate and won’t release much juice from the meat:

Rare: 125°F – 130°F
Medium-Rare: 130°F – 135°F
Medium: 140°F – 145°F
Well-Done: 160° and higher

Take steaks off the grill when they’re about 5° below the target temperature. They continue cooking a bit during the resting step, and taking it off the grill early prevents accidentally overcooking the steak.

6. Rest the Steak: Let the grilled steak rest on the cutting board for about 5 minutes before cutting in. This gives the juices time to re-circulate through the meat. Slicing the steak earlier lets the juices run out and makes your steak taste dry.

Optional: Adding butter and sauces to steaks just before serving. This can be anything from minced fresh herbs worked into soft butter or getting fancy with ingredients like the bourbon.


Serve and Enjoy!

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