Cooking Techniques You Should Know

New Cooking Techniques You Should Know in 2020

In recent times, there have been a lot of new cooking techniques that help food lovers prepare dishes and make the best out of their foods. These cooking techniques do not only enhance the flavors and taste of foods, but they also make cooking special, classic, gives it a sense of touch and bring a new dimension to cooking your recipes. From sautéing, roasting, and deep-frying, these techniques require a little patience to become an expert in them. Some of the new cooking techniques include the following:

Sautéing: Sautéing comes from the French word “Sauté,” which means “to jump.” It is a form of dry-heat cooking that makes use of hot pan and little fat to cook meat, noodles, seafood, and vegetables very fast. Just like other dry-heat cooking methods, sautéing makes the food surface brownish and cooks the food to develop great flavor. To sauté, fat or oil must be added to a pan and allowed to get hot before the food is added. Once the food gets into the pot, the surface becomes brown, while the interior cooks to bring out the food aroma and flavor.

Stir-frying: Stir- fry is a classic cooking method used in most Asian Cuisine. In this cooking method, the food is cut into smaller pieces and placed in a pan with a little oil and other ingredients properly added. The pan is then placed on high heat to be stir-fried. It is vital to note that stir-frying is a fast cooking technique that waits for no one. Therefore ingredients must be added quickly to get the best flavour and aroma.

Searing: Searing is a cooking technique that involves food browning. This method is perfect for cooking meat and fish in a pan over high heat. Usually, the heat in the pot makes the browning to caramelize the natural sugar in the food to become flavourful.

Braising: This is a moist-heat cooking method that uses slow temperature to tenderize the meat cuts and vegetable roots.  In braising, the food is cooked in low flamed with little braising liquid, which includes wine or tomatoes. The food is covered in a pot to ensure the liquid condenses into the pot while it cooks.

Stewing: Stewing is an excellent method of cooking tough meat cuts and seafood like a conch.Just like braising, stewing involves moist-heat cooking but used for food that can be cut into pieces. In stewing, the food is first browned on a high heat and then placed into the pot alongside other ingredients such as vegetables and liquid to cover the pot.

Finally, cooking in 2020 has got even better with these cooking techniques you should know and try from the list above. These unique cooking techniques do not only add a new dimension to your cooking, but they also open up a new world of possibilities for experimentations and allows you to arrive and something unique.