2 Hour Baby Back Ribs

Kick off this flavor expedition by preheating your smoker to 300°F (149°C), creating the perfect environment for your ribs to cook, marrying tenderness with a smoky zing.

Now comes the enchantment! Lay your rack of baby back ribs on a cutting board. Dust it liberally with Briggs True All-Purpose Seasoning & Rub, ensuring each rib is generously coated.

Next, the art of slow cooking takes over. Position the ribs on the smoker's rack, steering clear of the heat. As they luxuriate in the warmth, they'll soak up the smoky essence, adding a new dimension to their rich flavor profile. Monitor the internal temperature vigilantly, and as soon as it hits 177°F (80°C), you're ready for the next phase.

Prepare for the grand finale! As the ribs achieve their ideal temperature, gently lift them off the smoker and swaddle them in foil. This essential resting period allows the flavors to harmonize and the juices to reabsorb, promising a lusciously juicy and tender bite every time.

Following a restful 15 minutes, it's time to free the baby back ribs from their foil cocoon. Carve them, and then lavish them with your beloved BBQ sauce. Your culinary masterpiece is now ready to be savored and enjoyed!

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