The Briggs True Story

Some of us like things a little spicier than most.  It may be the foods we eat, the way we live or even the clothes we wear. Briggs TRUE Texas Sauces & Seasonings products represent a lifestyle of substance and quality. Committed to the highest standards of products, we’ve created an exclusive line of Hot Sauces and Seasonings that add a kick and a punch to your life.

All Natural, No FAT, Gluten Free, NO GMOs and Good for you!


Briggs True Texas Sauces & Seasonings is the brainchild and passion of Michael Briggs, a lifelong devoted fan of fiery foods.  His creative instincts and flair for entertaining have been honed over the years by his skills as an accomplished self trained chef and foodie.  A serial entrepreneur and professional marketer, BRIGGS shared his gift of culinary prowess with friends and clients alike. Before he knew it, the demand for products to those who have been inside BRIGGS’ circle was escalating.  BRIGGS TRUE is now commercially produced and readily available to you and the countless number of fans he has acquired along his journey.

Briggs True unique lifestyle products embody the qualities that make life’s simple pleasures more fulfilling. We strive to satiate the palettes and styles of the burgeoning masses that crave the Spice of Life in their style and their food. Providing Sauces, Seasonings, Jellies and Jams with of superior quality for a reasonable price for the heat seeking appetites of the discerning American.

Michael Briggs - Briggs True Texas Sauces & Seasonings

best meat rubs & seasoning in the world