9 Things You Didn’t Know About Briggs True

It’s time to re-think everything you’ve ever considered to be a FACT about HOT SAUCES. Briggs TRUE has been making handcrafted, platinum caliber Texas flavors in both the Hot Sauces and Seasonings they produce for over 20 years.

Although many have tried few have ever been able to deliver the TRUE Texas flavors, now Briggs does and is bringing his offerings to the masses.

The adventure all began when Briggs set out to give a gift that only he could provide many years ago. As a media executive Briggs noticed that every client he would visit had a collection of coffee cups and koozies from every radio, TV station and back then, even newspaper swag in the market.

Briggs had always been a chili head and not only enjoyed food, but taught himself to be a masterful home cook and chef. Never being someone who would follow the crowd Briggs started employing his cooking for his friends and clients as a gesture of sincerity that only he could give. The reaction was genuinely overwhelming; everyone loved the handcrafted sauces, smoked meats and seasoning blends that made his cooking outstanding.

Despite how much you know about hot sauce, though, you’d be surprised by the amount of stuff you don’t.

1. Hot Sauce shouldn’t hurt! Briggs TRUE has perfected that balance.

Extreme heat sauces aren’t for everyone, in fact, they’re not made to eat.

Briggs along with his culinary leanings has a HUGE green thumb. Growing his extreme peppers like the Red Savina Habanero and Bhut Jolokia (Ghost pepper) varieties, he learned that without the skills to “tame the flame”, these peppers weren’t viable in sauces. Being the type of fellow that doesn’t accept “no” for an answer, so he set out to perfect the “balance” of flavorful heat.

Guess what? The national pepper of Texas, the jalapeno, won the race, over and over for the flavor and texture. It was precisely what the masses preferred.

So skip the trip to the emergency room and get “the entire flavor with just the right heat!”

2. Foodies and fans smuggle bottles of Briggs TRUE Texas Hot Sauces through airport security.
Often Briggs will meet someone at a party or just out and about. And preach about extolling the virtues of Texas Hot Sauces and Seasonings. These chance encounters frequently happen right before new disciples hit the airport. Rather than part of the sauce bottle (check a bag?), they have found unique ways, and Briggs has even snuck it through airport security in his socks.

3. Yes, people put hot sauce on everything…seriously, almost everything.
If you’ve only had hot sauce on wings, live your life, man. Start with putting sauce on everything… including your favorite sweets and ice cream. One of the TRUE troops even adds Texas Jalapeno sauce to her apple pie recipe for a fantastic surprise on the All-American favorite.

4. They use a lot of hot peppers each year …But they grow back!
Making thousands of gallons each year his sauces requires chile peppers…Lots of em. They don’t have the land to grow that many peppers themselves but the folks at Briggs TRUE buy and support local Texas farmers with every bottle they sell.

5. Entire Menu with Briggs TRUE?
Briggs TRUE came about when the demand for Briggs cooking, out weighted his ability to service the increasing workload. He knew that the only way to share the wealth of flavors that people craved would have to be commercially produced products that folks can enjoy anywhere at any time.

6. And they’re not the only ones who use it in food
Briggs isn’t a name dropper, but he will say that his sauces and seasonings are being used currently in some of the top restaurant kitchens, catering companies, cooking teams, tailgaters, home chefs and foodies in the Gulf Coast area and around the country.

7. They’re doing it for the kids
2014 is the year that the World’s Largest BBQ Cook-Off adopted the Briggs TRUE sauce and seasoning line as the “official Hot Sauces and Seasoning” of the World’s Largest BBQ Committee comprised of over 1200+ volunteers.

Feeding over 4-5,000+ daily for over a week each February, Briggs TRUE sauces grace the tables and tents of some of the most celebrated BBQ personalities in the country during this event. Briggs TRUE Seasonings are incorporated into every meal, and virtually everything served.

Each year the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo provide millions of dollars in educational scholarships to deserving students who may otherwise not have the benefit of a college education.

8. It will save your mediocre food from certain disaster
Texas Mustard Sauce . . . Who’d a thunk it? Will rescue even the bland offerings that so many American’s reaches for when hunger outweighs the time to eat something delicious.

9. You can see the difference. Briggs TRUE only uses the BEST ingredients available.

Briggs is a picky fellow, so he doesn’t do anything half-way. Briggs personally inspects each batch of his sauces and seasonings to be sure that the quality he’s known for remains high.

So if you are wondering what the real difference in Sauces and Seasonings is Briggs True invites you to find out for yourself.

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