8 Practical Cooking Tips That Will Help You in the Kitchen

8 Practical Cooking Tips these helpful cooking tips will make you a rock-star in the kitchen.

These simple true tips, you’ll rely less on recipes and more on yourself.

1. Substitute ingredients that are similar in size, shape, and flavor.

2. Most recipes, the first step is to cook your aromatics, so start there. Make sure you don’t overcook them.

3. Memorize simple cooking ratios.

4. Season your dishes with both salt and acid or Briggs TRUE Seasonings

5. Learn how to make a few simple sauces and tweak them to complement whatever you’re cooking style. We make a mean Alfredo Sauce.

6. Keep your pantry stocked with your favorite ingredients

7. Dried herbs are added at the beginning of the cooking process, and fresh are added at the end.

8. Remember which cuts of meat take a long time to cook, and which can be cooked pretty fast.