12 Ways To Enjoy Hot Sauce On A Cold Day

  1. Whisk HOT SAUCE into a vinaigrette (Briggs TRUE Mustard Sauce ROCKS) for a salad. It’s simple, combine balsamic or red wine vinegar, olive oil, Briggs TRUE Texas Mustard Sauce, minced garlic, and shallot.
  2. Have a little extra pulled pork? Add a hefty dose of HOT SAUCE; pile into a tortilla for a pulled pork taco.
  3. Zip up your Steak – add a splash of Hot Sauce to any steak for a bit of heat
  4. Wrap anything in a tortilla tacos
  5. Spaghetti en fuego – what else do you need to know?
  6. The perfect Bloody Mary – start with tomato juice, stir in Briggs TRUE Cowboy Cajun or Briggs TRUE Texas Seasoning, add Briggs TRUE Houston Hot Sauce to taste, serve cold with pickled vegetables, pickles and olives.
  7. Pickles have never tasted so good until you try em with Briggs TRUE Texas Hot Sauces
  8. Mix Shake and/or Sauce into Goat or Cream Cheese for a zesty spread – serve with crackers
  9. HOT SAUCE on pizza and another reason to love Pizza
  10. Sausage, brats and dogs, meat on a stick . . . anyone say Briggs TRUE Texas Mustard Sauce?
  11. Fish, grilled, baked, broiled or smoked . . . Season it to perfection with HOT SAUCE
  12. Oy Vey! Briggs TRUE Spicy Mustard Sauce sets off Chinese Food

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