10 Tips For Grilling The Best Hot Dogs Ever

Hot Dogs recipe

Sooner or later everyone will find themselves in a position to cook up some Hot Dogs…for a group or just yourself. Are you Ready? Here’s a few ways to cook your BEST Hot Dog Ever. Practice doesn’t hurt either, that’s the best part.

Prep the Grill
Since grilling is the best way to cook hot dogs to achieve the optimum flavor, you don’t want to neglect your grill before throwing on the hot dogs. Make sure the grates are clean and spray with a nonstick cooking spray. Preheat the grill to about 350 for about 10-15 minutes before you start cooking. Turn off one or two burners to create an indirect heat zone.

Buy GREAT Meat
Wieners are typically made with pork meat, and Franks are typically beef. Don’t just pick the cheapest ones. The inexpensive varieties tend to come with bad stuff and fillers. I’m a fan of quality all-beef hot dogs with natural casings, which are delicious and hold up well to a variety of toppings and sauces.

Heat Matters
Heat matters when it comes to cooking hot dogs. REMEMBER – You can always turn up the heat but you can’t always lower it quickly enough to avoid a disaster. Get familiar how your grill cooks to avoid undercooking or overcooking your hot dogs, place them on the grill grate over the indirect heat zone away from the flames. This allows you to cook the hot dogs quickly and effectively without running the risk of burning them beyond recognition.

Proper Position
Arrange your hot dog’s perpendicular to the grill grates with space in between them. Turn them frequently and you should have beautiful grill marks and perfectly done dogs in about 6- 8 minutes

Keep’em Moving
Hot dogs are small portions of meat, so they cook quicker than you think. Because they can burn or cook unevenly, it’s crucial that you pay attention to them while cooking. Using tongs or a spatula, be sure to move the hot dogs frequently, rolling them around frequently, so every side gets touched by the heat source.

Use GREAT Buns
Ideal hot dog are similar in texture to the best burger buns. These should be soft, squishy, and bun length for the hot dogs you’ve chosen.

Toast your Buns
Toast your bun, simply brush both cut sides with a small amount of butter and plop them on the grill or the pan for a minute or so. This will give you layers of textures that combine for the superior Hot Dog experience.

Top you Hot Dog the right way
Most of us grew up eating Hot Dogs with mustard, and sometimes mustard and ketchup but there are a wide range of great toppings from chili to sauerkraut. Grilled onions and even hot peppers can take your Hot Dog over the top. There are no rules…just your own imagination.